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Charles Dobish - Pittsburgh becoming 'flip' city as real estate market heats up.....

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Charles Dobish - How to get help for a down payment when buying a home:

How to get down payment help on your first home

Need help making a down payment on your first home? Here are some options that can help you make owning a home a reality.

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Charles Dobish - Buying a home is now twice as affordable as renting:

Buying a home is now twice as affordable as renting

The American Dream of owning a home just got more affordable, but that’s partly because the average American now spends nearly 30% of their income on rent.

6 months ago

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The Ugly Truth About Foreclosures

April 13th, 2014 by Charles Dobish

Real Estate is no different than any other walk of life where if something looks too good to be true, odds are it probably is.  Everyone wants a deal, so searches for foreclosed properties are extremely popular but do you know what you’re getting in to?  Sure, the sales prices make foreclosures attractive to buyers but there are also additional hurdles to jump through such as: acquiring all municipal requirements, dye test certification & additional responsibility of the repairs that come with it, ordering & paying for HOA Resale packets, all for a property that is being sold AS-IS.

Without deep pockets, the know how to make repairs (or having someone you know willing to do the work inexpensively), these homes are not for the average or first time home buyer.  With the vast majority of foreclosures having issues with the roof, mold, peeling paint, no appliances, not to mention the buyers inability to have utilities turned on to test the furnace/AC unit, the costs to make the home move-in ready can add up quick.  FHA financing (the most popular style of mortgage for young first time home buyers due to the low 3.5% down payment requirement & allowance for up to 6% in seller assistance) is MUCH more difficult to acquire on these properties because of the safety checklist that comes along with it, leaving buyers with cash offers or conventional mortgages as their only option.

There are diamonds in the rough out there, but buyers need to do their homework on the property & be realistic about their financial position to make the best possible decision!